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80cm (31,5") Large World Globes

80cm (31,5") Large World Globes

Our gorgeous "Blue Planet" globes offer a breath-taking view of the Earth. With detailed 3D topography and thousands of labels, our unique handmade globes will arouse anyone's curiosity to discover more about our fascinating blue planet. To ensure the accuracy of our handcrafted large world globes, our globemakers use the most up-to-date, high resolution satellite imagery, allowing us to depict real world environments with distinct environmental zones and terrain with natural colors, textures, shadows and 3D mountains. Each globe boasts a generous 80-centimeter diameter, with vibrant colors using natural pigments matching the Earth's different environments and a unique glass-like lacquer finish that makes it durable, dustproof, waterproof, with an eye-catching sheen.


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The Blue Planet Globe - PlanetBuilders.artThe Blue Planet Globe - PlanetBuilders.art
The Blue Planet Globe Angebotab $5,800.00
The Time-Traveler's Globe - PlanetBuilders.artThe Time-Traveler's Globe - PlanetBuilders.art
The Time-Traveler's Globe Angebotab $6,800.00
The Explorer's Globe - PlanetBuilders.artThe Explorer's Globe - PlanetBuilders.art
The Explorer's Globe Angebotab $6,800.00
Terra - Ultra-realistic Large World Globe - PlanetBuilders.artTerra - Ultra-realistic Large World Globe - PlanetBuilders.art
The Red Planet - Mars Globe - PlanetBuilders.artMars - The Red Planet - 80cm Globe - LargeGlobes.com
The Red Planet - Mars Globe Angebotab $6,800.00